What to Look for in a Fencing Contractor

What to Look for in a Fencing Contractor

Finding the right fencing contractor is no small task. Here at Amerifence we want to make that selection as smooth and easy as possible. Below are some key points to look for when choosing the right fence contractor for your job.


One key indicator of a companies reputation is longevity. If you’ve been able to keep your doors open for many years you must be doing something correct. As a result of our work we’ve been in business for over 50 years.


Once you’ve decided to secure your property with a fence your committed. You probably have a timeline in mind and Amerifence is here to meet your goals. With offices in multiple locations we have the staff already in place to get the job done. Therefore our goal is always to complete the job on time and under budget.


Being one of the largest fence contractors in the country that gives opportunities that are unique to us. Buying in bulk from suppliers allows us to purchase material at lower cost. We then can pass those savings on to our customers.

In conclusion, securing your property can be a big financial decision. Don’t just assume we meet the above criteria. Give us a call and do the research for yourself. We’re here to help assist in design, layout, and budget to get your project started. From Garden City to Kansas City we’re available to complete your project.