Louvered Fence Systems Overview

PalmSHIELD louvered screening and grill system is perfect for providing excellent ventilation while keeping items out of sight from others.  Using the industries’ only picture frame design, each panel is rigid enough to provide total security from intruders.  Maintaining a consistent design throughout the system, PalmSHIELD can be configured as a series of grills, swing gates and even sliding gates.

PalmSHIELD is custom fabricated to each application, allowing end users to select the amount of visibility and air flow by varying louver spacing. Louvers may be placed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

PalmSHIELD is unique in providing the industries’ widest louver.  Each louver is .1250 thick with an installed profile of 2” x 2.873” tall.  Not only is the PalmSHIELD a larger profile but the entire profile is sloped providing less visibility and better air flow.

Only PalmSHIELD uses a 3” x 3” x ¼” angle vertical support system.  Each louver is welded to the vertical supports.  Because of the larger vertical support, PalmSHIELD provides a 2 ¾” weld-able surface to attach louver to frame.

What makes PalmSHIELD the very best louvered system is the use of a 3” x 3” x ¼” angle top and bottom cap.  Most systems do not provide a top and bottom cap system.  A top cap is critical in protecting the panel from falling debris, hail, etc. while the bottom cap protects the louvers from foot traffic and mowers.

The vertical supports and horizontal caps are welded together to form the industries’ only picture frame design.  This design provides a rigid framework to support the louvers from twisting and warping also making it easy to remove and reinstall if necessary.

PalmSHIELD uses a 2” x 1/8” aluminum flat bar not to exceed 24” apart to support the louvers between the framework.  This support prevents intruders from attempting to spread the louvers apart to gain access.

Larger than most systems, PalmSHIELD uses a 4” square x ¼” wall post.  The larger and thicker walled post is suited for high wind and snow loads.  Posts are not to exceed 60” inches on center.

All nuts, bolts and fasteners are stainless steel.  If gates are incorporated into your system, only stainless steel hinges will be allowed.

PalmSHIELD uses sheet aluminum in accordance with ASTM B 209 6063 – T6 and extruded aluminum in accordance with ASTM B 221 60603 – T6.

After fabrication is completed, all materials are carefully sweep blasted and powder coated.  Custom colors are available.  PalmSHIELD uses polyester powder coating in accordance with material hardness ASTM 3363 2H.

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