Tips To Keep Your Temporary Fence In Tip Top Shape! Serving Wichita, Dodge City, Garden City, Haysville, Goddard and all of South Central Kansas.

Tips To Maintain Temporary Fence Temporary fencing is always considered a rental item.  Different than permanent fencing, it is the responsibility of the renter that rented the fence to maintain it.  Read below for some helpful tips to care for your temporary fence. It’s that time of year, obnoxious vegetation is growing up around and… Continue Reading

Let Amerifence help make vinyl coated chain link specifications less confusing. Serving Wichita, Dodge City, Haysville, Garden City, Hutchinson, Derby and all of South Central Kansas.

How to select and specify vinyl coated chain link can be confusing.    It all stems from the gauge and coating type. Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge?  According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered by the metallic core wire.  However, according to various suppliers, they may interpret… Continue Reading

Ballfield Fencing, let us help you with your project. Serving Wichita, Goddard, Colwich, Maize, Park City, Valley Center, Bel Aire, Benton, Andover, Haysville and all of South Central Kansas.

There are thousands of organizations each year who are interested in installing their own ballfield fencing.  When pencil hits paper to start designing their field dimensions, they begin to scratch their heads.  How do we get a farther distance from center field to home plate then from right or left field to home plate?  Great… Continue Reading