High Security Fencing to Protect the Nation’s Energy

Wind farms are a major source of energy for our future. Energy providers across the United States are investing millions of dollars in these sprawling fields of windmills across our country. The Pratt Windmill Farm located outside Wichita, Kansas is no exception. These windmills are very expensive and represent a real opportunity for vandalism and theft.

Keeping Kansas Powered

Each windmill includes hundreds of pounds of copper and aluminum bar for conducting electricity. That is why the Pratt Windmill Farm, Wichita Kansas, is protected with a high security chain link fence. For most of the windfarms throughout Kansas, these chain link fences are the only line of defense.

Many of these fences include sensory or “shaker” wires to notify remote security staff that someone is attempting to access the farm by disturbing or compromising the fence. In addition, these fences are heavily grounded due to the likely hood of lightning strike.

AmeriFence Corporation of Wichita is a windmill farm fence expert. We have installed hundreds of windmill farm security fences, shaker wires and grounding mats. AmeriFence Corporation of Wichita can help you secure your own high security structures and will gladly provide you a free quote today.