Safe Playground Fencing for Children of All Ages

Did you know that AmeriFence Corporation in Wichita is also part of our certified playground installer program? They know a thing or two about providing equipment and fencing that comes in close proximity with our children.

The beautiful ornamental fence located at Amelia Earhart Elementary in Wichita Kansas is a great example of why you need a company who appreciates the nuances of providing fencing for playgrounds. This ornamental fence runs right down the middle separating the playground from the sidewalk. Children will be climbing, bumping and running into this fence all day long. It is important for the installer to make sure there are absolutely no sharp corners or fasteners for children to cut themselves. There should also not be any pinch points for little fingers and toes.

The design of the Amelia Earhart Elementary, Wichita Kansas ornamental fence is spot-on. The bottom rail is tight to the ground removing any protruding pickets and there is no middle rail thus removing the temptation to climb the fence. Choosing the right fence to protect and keep safe our children in Wichita is our job. Call us at 888-698-2986 or submit an online request today to get your own free estimate.

Two rail ornamental fencing installed in Wichita, Kansas around a schoolyard for optimum safety and protection